There is perhaps no other subject that has been so confused and distorted as the subject of hell, so much so that the subject is completely misunderstood by most people.

Today the belief in hell is a central truth of the prevailing Christian faith. Most Christians today believe and teach the traditional view of hell, that it is a real literal place, that it is God's just reward for all wicked people, for all who choose to live their lives apart from God, and that such people can expect to remain there for all eternity. This is the message that is expounded from the pulpits and that is preached to unbelievers as inducement to repentance and faith in God. This view of hell is also reinforced by the media and the entertainment industries, through books, television, movies and even video games.

But is this view of hell correct? Is this really what some human beings can expect at death? Are most Christians today correct in their belief and teaching about hell?

It's no surprise that many people reject the idea of a loving God when they are told that God demands love and worship while at the same time presenting eternal punishment in the fires of hell as the alternative. Does that sound like a loving God that is worthy of worship, or does it sound more like a cruel dictator, more like a devil?

Is hell a real literal place? Do the wicked really go to hell at death? Are there people burning in hell right now? Would a so-called loving God really torture human beings endlessly in the fires of hell for all eternity? Is this really the picture of God that is painted by the Bible? Does the Bible really teach a literal eternal hell that burns forever?

In these pages we will discover the answers to these vital questions, and unravel the confused and distorted picture of hell that is held by most people. But to do this we must go to the one place where the truth about hell is to be found.

So if the subject of hell offends you, scares you, or simply mystifies you, and you'd like to discover what the truth is, then read on...


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